Measure Key Metrics on Snapchat

Delmondo’s Snapchat analytics tool automates daily collection of key metrics like views, unique viewers, impressions, completion rate, screenshots and more.

Get a detailed view at who is watching your content and dig into the most engaging Snapchat videos.

Track the performance of individual snaps, full stories, and account performance with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting.

Surface and Benchmark Top Performing Snaps

Go deeper with your Snapchat measurement. With all the data in one place, sort and rank individual snaps and full stories based on their performance.

Compare performance of Snapchat stories across multiple brand and influencer accounts and create a brand or agency-wide scorecard of your Snapchat content.

Content archiving and backups let you review all created stories at a later date.

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Compare Snapchat Content Against Other Channels

Delmondo provides all our customers with engagement and social video analytics across all major platforms.

Connect your other channels and see how your Snapchat stories are performing compared to your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and YouNow videos.

Create Custom Campaign Reports

Uncover how your dedicated Snapchat campaigns perform around key events or influencer activations.

Compare current and past campaigns to identify trends and optimize future creative.

Additional Features

Dedicated Strategy & Account Teams

We’re more than just a software platform, we’re your team of trusted consultants with years of experience developing social content and analytics strategies for global agencies and Fortune 500 brands.

Each client receives a Snapchat Strategist and Account Manager to help solve any Snapchat challenge you might face

Agency and Enterprise-Friendly

We love working with agencies and large corporations on their Snapchat measurement. Below are some of the additional features available to enterprise customers:

  • Multiple Account Discounts
  • Whitelabel Solutions
  • Data exports (CSV)
  • Story Downloads
  • 24/7 Support

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