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Delmondo is a next generation creative insights and video analytics software platform
helping publishers, creators and brands produce, measure and monetize the best social video.

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The Software

Measuring the performance of social video and the audiences who consume them across all channels like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and live streaming platforms like Facebook Live, Twitch, YouNow and Periscope.

Track and surface trending influencers, channels and brands.

Import custom OTT and VOD APIs to centralize all your viewership data. Build custom video campaign reports and dashboards.

The Studio

Producing original video content for brands on social platforms.

Producing Vertical Video for Snapchat including influencer campaigns, organic channel content, Discover Video, Live Stories and 3V Ads

Leveraging social influencers for original scripted digital series


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Jolly Rancher
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Measure the performance of social video on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

Track analytics around live video on streaming platforms like Facebook Live, YouNow, YouTube Live or your own custom player

Surface trending and top performing videos based on views or engagement

Deep video insights for Facebook including live vs. replay, auto-play vs. click to play, sound on vs. sound off and audience insights

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Track the cross-channel video performance across a network of media brands, influencers, creators, celebrities, advertisers and more

Mine audience data of every channel in your network to build rich personas

Research and surface the most relevant channels, talent or creative partners for any campaign with search and filters for demographics, content genre, interests, audience size, engagement and brand affinity

Build custom video campaign reports across multiple groups of publisher, brand or influencer accounts 

Measure the performance of social video, branded content and influencer-driven campaigns

Realtime dashboard reports on cross-platform video views, reach and impressions, engagements, top performing content, channels and more

Audience insights into video consumption for branded content

Set custom campaign ROI metrics including CPV and CPE


We’re more than just a software platform, we’re your team of trusted consultants with years of experience developing social content and analytics strategies for global agencies and Fortune 500 brands.

Each client receives a Strategist and Account Manager to help solve any challenge you might face

We love working with agencies and large corporations on their social video and influencer measurement. Below are some of the additional features available to enterprise customers:

  • Multiple Account Discounts
  • Whitelabel Solutions
  • Data exports (CSV and API)
  • 24/7 Support

Recent Blog Posts

Announcing New Platform Updates including Facebook Live and Video Analytics


As Delmondo turns two years old this month, we have seen massive shifts in the social video space. When our company launched Snapchat didn’t sell any ads, Facebook was just starting their ascent to becoming a video powerhouse, and we were only just starting to hear rumblings of the birth of a new live streaming movement.

Now video is growing faster than ever – in just the past year alone smartphone video data usage has tripled with millennial viewers. If you believe our client Cisco (like we do), 75% of the world’s mobile traffic will come from video viewership by 2020 and those same millennials will be growing up with new video consumption habits.

When users spend more time consuming video in social feeds, we’re able to collect a lot more data about where, when and how long they watch, the creative and societal inputs and what actions they take immediately after. 

Before social video, we literally couldn’t quantify how long our social posts held someone’s attention. There’s still really no API to tell how long someone looked at your witty Facebook status update, Tweet, or Instagram, but with video you can.

There’s no silver bullet metric when it comes to measuring social video online today. Now that everyone is a broadcaster, instead of trying to compare viewership, publishers and brands need a way to combine total attention across different screens and feeds. Read more

The Top 10 Examples of Sponsored Snapchat Lenses

snapchat sponsored lenses

Snapchat debuted Lenses in September 2015 as a set of filters that would respond to a user’s facial movements, adding sounds and interactive motion effects to video selfies. Since then, it has been reported that as many as 30 million snaps each day are decorated with lenses. Many of these include sponsored lenses, which are one of the most premium types of ads available from Snapchat, enabling advertisers to build branded experiences they can share with their friends.

To date, Snapchat has run more than 100 sponsored lenses, with lots of brands buying them up, and it seems like every day we’re being asked by clients for great examples of sponsored filters. So today we have created a list of the top 10 sponsored lenses to date.

Now it’s no secret that Snapchat advertising analytics are a secret as closely guarded as the Holy Grail but it is possible to find examples online. We used all the examples we could find in the form of case studies or PR articles for our analysis.

So with public statistics, press articles and our own personal opinions mashed up into a magical (and not-so scientific) formula, we now present THE TOP TEN BEST SNAPCHAT SPONSORED LENSES OF ALL TIME! Read more

The Four Key Metrics on Snapchat Your Brand Should Be Measuring

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.09.15 AM

Snapchat is too big to ignore anymore — driving more than 10 billion daily video views by users.

10 billion views (with a b). Let that sink in for a second.

That’s massive. By comparison, Facebook has 8 billion daily video views. What’s so different though, is Snapchat’s 10 billion views are coming exclusively from mobile devices.

For marketers, there’s a huge opportunity to tap into that audience and tell new stories, as it’s not just a platform for teens anymore. 3/4th’s of US users are over the age of 18, and we’re seeing more people over the age of 25 joining the platform, a number expected only to grow in 2016.

But while many marketers have spent the better part of the year getting used to the platform itself, one of the biggest things that’s still confusing people is measuring success of content on Snapchat.

When we already see marketers struggle to make meaning from established data sources it’s understandable why a new and complicated platform like Snapchat without formal analytics would be hard for marketers to dive right into.

On Snapchat, marketers should focus less on the number of connected followers they have and more on the number of people consuming their stories. In fact, most users can’t even see how many followers they have on Snapchat, instead you can measure how many people view your snaps on average.

Fortunately, we’ve built Snapchat analytics software to help solve this problem, but we’ve also put together some of our findings from this year and distilled then into the four key metrics that will get you started. Read more



Al Roker

Founder of Roker Media, NBC Weatherman

In the early days of broadcasting, there was a call for measurement of audience, both potential and actual. Today, sponsors, clients and others want accurate analysis and data for who is watching what and for how long when it comes to live streaming. Our alignment with Delmondo gives us powerful tools to provide proprietary information that is unparalleled in this nascent industry

Taylor Lorenz

Director of Emerging Platforms, The Hill

No one knows Snapchat like Delmondo. Since working with them over the past year, we’ve seen our Snapchat presence explode. The insights we’ve gained from working with them have allowed us to reshape our editorial strategy on Snapchat and significantly grow our audience. Nick and the whole Delmondo team is really easy to work with and responsive and we couldn’t be happier to have found them.

Jon Howard

Head of PR, Flare Games

While many multi-billion gaming companies remain on YouTube, Instagram and other older platforms, we took the risk to try out Snapchat in early June (our last campaign with Delmondo) and are seeing the results pay off. We’ve tripled our revenues and profits since turn of the year and heavily believe in influencer marketing.

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