June 23, 2015 Nick Cicero

Three Strategies for Getting the Most Out of Social Influencer Campaigns on Vine

We created this report with Leadtail to provide you with social media insights to help you make more informed decisions about how to reach, engage, and influence Viners to work with your brand. [ninja_forms_modal_form id=7 text_link=”Click here or fill out your info below to download the report for free.”]

Vine was introduced in June 2012 as a new way to tell video stories. The six-second videos quickly resonated with a new, younger and mobile-first generation, so popular that Twitter acquired them just under six months after being founded, right before their launch (if that sounds similar it’s the same tactic twitter used with Periscope).

Since then, Vine has grown to 40 Million users, watching Vines loop more than 1.5 Billion times daily ranging from music and comedy to sports, stop motion art and anything else you could imagine in between.

The growth of social influencers has also helped fuel Vine’s continued development. In Mary Meeker’s recent Internet Trends report, 30% of Youth aged 12-24 reported using Vine, the quick sharing and bite-sized videos are still hilarious, and the top viners of before are being replaced by a new wave of Viners vying to be the next star.

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This growing demand for on-demand content provides marketers thousands of new opportunities to create content with social influencers, spreading their message to new audiences.

But how can a marketer take advantage of Vine and these influencers in the most effective way?

Here are three ways…

1. Use multiple influencers to tell your stories to multiple audiences

There has been a rise of collaboration between top Viners for great content.

In fact, it’s hard to become a popular viner without collaborating, with multiple supporting actors, each Viner takes turns starring in each other’s videos to tell stories which they then Revine across multiple audiences.

As you can see from the Leadtail/Delmondo study of top Vine Influencers, the person these top Vine creators mention the most is King Bach.

34 of the top 94 Vine creators have mentioned King Bach on Twitter in this time period, with 10 of the top 20 ranked Vine creators mentioning him in that time period

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The brand takeaway here? Working with one top Vine creator is good, but tapping into the ‘invisible network’ of multiple  influential Vine creators is better because it allows a story to take on multiple lifeforms across multiple communities for maximum engagement opportunities.

Instead of working with just one influencer, try working with multiple to create a network effect and dominate the feeds of likeminded Vine accounts during your campaign.

A great example of this was Old Navy’s “Steal or Stay” campaign, where the retailer enlisted a number of Vine stars in a White Elephant-style game. Each was assigned a day to respond with a vine of their own in which they could “steal” a previously opened gift (from another Viner) or “stay” and open the gift of the day. The “steals” generated a number of reciprocal collaborations between the influencer, racking up massive views and sustained branded conversation among influencers and their audiences.

2. Use Vine Stars to Create Better Branded Content for Twitter Ads

Most Vine users also have a Twitter account, making tapping into this network of creators for Twitter Ads  a perfect way to pair interesting content and targeted audiences. Pretty much every brand out there is looking for new and interesting ways to target users on Twitter. Why not tap into an influencer’s network of fans and collaborators to create content for your next Twitter ad instead of repurposing the same TV spot?

Twitter ads allow for dark posting of Vine content, so marketers can post the influencer-created Vines in the tweets they create, and then targeting videos to the influencer’s audience, or to any other audience segment a brand might identify.

3. Use Vine Stars’ secondary channels of influence for content

Often times we see brands go after the big Viner, in hopes that they’ll create some funny content and drive awareness or additional content creation.

Instead of trying to tap into their primary audience, look to other platforms to build campaigns around. Many have created a persona far beyond just Vine, and using channels like YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and now even on streaming platforms like Periscope and Meerkat.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.10.42 AM

Look at the chart below at a few of today’s top social influencers who started on Vine, Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Jack and Jack. While Vine is where their largest audience is, other networks have significant reach as well.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.17.06 AM

Tapping into these secondary channels can help give new avenues of creativity for the influencer, your brand and the audience.

Some say that Vine is in decline due to the massive growth of Instagram, Snapchat and recent buzz around livestreaming platforms like Periscope, Meerkat. Personally, I think that Vine still has a lot of room to grow (no puin intended) from both the younger consumers, as well as a general platform for sharing quick video to Twitter.

People are still sharing vines to Twitter. A quick topsy search shows that an average of 1.5 Million Vine links were shared over the past x days.

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 5.31.41 PM

Whether it’s amazing sports plays, video memes or music clips, there’s a growing use of Vine in sharing of video on Twitter.

With the recent announcement of autoplay video on Twitter, including Vines, it’s clear there are only going to be new ways to innovate and tell stories around six-second snippets.

It’s truly a unique channel for your brand to create content that gets your message in front of new audiences told in new interesting ways.

There has never been a better time to be a creator today, and marketers can use the talents of these social influencers to tap into the highly engaged audiences they can bring to branded content.

We created this report to provide you with social media insights to help you make more informed decisions about to reach, engage, and influence Viners to want to reach out and start working with you.

We collaborated with Leadtail to analyze data from close to 100 of the top Vine stars to learn more about the trends in their content and audiences today, [ninja_forms_modal_form id=7 text_link=”click here or fill out your info below to download the report for free.”]

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