June 10, 2016 Mike Metzler

8 Tips to Make the Most of VidCon If You Love Snapchat

Last year thousands of fans experienced VidCon for the first time through the eyes and phones of their favorite social celebrities. The application, which now boasts 10 billion daily video views, has become a staple of nearly every social star.  Compared to this time last year, Snapchat has grown by nearly 50% and has surpassed Twitter in daily average users.

With that said, it’s obvious that Snapchat will be EVERYWHERE at VidCon, so we decided to put together our list of ways to enhance your VidCon Snapchat experience whether you attend or not:

1. Add VidCon on Snapchat

Expect behind the scenes footage, interviews with your favorite creators and more FOMO than you know what to do with. Add them now! (VidConSnaps)

2. Add your favorite creators on Snapchat

Here’s a list of people to follow on Snapchat that will be killing the snap game at VidCon.

3. FaceSwap with your favorite creator

Instagram posts with your favorite social celeb is so 2011 – 2015. Do it up this year and instead of taking a picture ask for a face swap.


4. Attend these official Snapchat Sessions

Building a Successful Snapchat Channel – This session highlights learnings from building the successful National Geographic Snapchat channel, including rebuilding production process, moving to all vertical video, platform-specific user behavior and mistakes they’ve made.

The Next Big Platform – Hear how these creators have risen to success on Snapchat, Periscope, YouNow, Musica.ly, etc. They’ll explain what they’ve learned about taking advantage of being early to a new social media platform and what draws them to the next big thing.

Snapchat Secrets – This session will focus on how Snapchat is different from YouTube, why ephemeral media is so important – and so different, the different types of Snapchatters, and a look at the type of content that works – and what doesn’t.


Use as many geo filters as humanly possible. Make a game of it.  You can expect that each party, event, room, session, etc…. will probably have it’s own Snapchat geofilter. We recommend going nuts and trying to keep a tally of how many different ones you used over the week. Winner gets a high five.

6. Participate and/or watch the Snapchat live story

The VidCon Twitter account confirmed on June 16th that there would be an official Snapchat live story for VidCon. The Live story will be the best way to experience VidCon without actually attending.


7) Attend Mashable and Delmondo’s Snapchat Meet Up

Looking to end the week with a bang? Come eat some free pizza and hang out with people who love Snapchat just as much as you do.  Join us on Saturday, June 25th to get in on the action and have the chance to win some swag. We’ll meet outside of Naples Ristorante e Pizzeria starting at 12:00pm.


mashable vidcon snapchat

8. Have Fun

As we always say, Snapchat is about having a fun time making awesome content. So Snap away!





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