April 8, 2015 Delmondo

The 24 Hour Snapchat Project

New York is the city that “never sleeps.” So, when Snapchat celebrity Mark Kaye visits The Big Apple in late April, he’s going to stay up all night “Snapping!” Every hour! On the hour! For 24 hours straight!

It’s The 24-Hour Snapchat Project.

On April 20th at 9:00 am, Mark Kaye will begin documenting 24 straight hours in New York City. No sleeping…just snapping!

His one day “Snap-a-thon” will include a visit with a famous film director, walking the red-carpet at a major awards ceremony, and partying with celebs late into the night at some of NYCs hottest clubs. The grand finale will take place at 8:00 am the next morning on the set of a nationally televised morning news show!

24 EPIC New York City Snaps in just 24 hours…this has never been done before!

How Does It Work?

To guarantee premium content and awesome adventures during his day-long escapades, Mark is allowing individuals and businesses to partner with him for each of the 24 hours. Each hour will go up in cost as more sponsors get on board.

Partners will get their message in front of tens of thousands of eyes for 24 straight hours. It’s an amazing opportunity for any size organization.

Who Is it?

Mark Kaye, also know as “The Jimmy Fallon of Snapchat,” is the host of Talkin’ Snap! He interviews big time celebrities and social media stars on Snapchat’s only regularly scheduled talk show. Each of his stories receive hundreds of thousands of views from people all over the world!

He has been featured in publications like Business Insider and MTV for his pioneering style of Snapchat. As a morning show radio DJ, he brings that charisma to Snapchat and is leading the charge with creating unique content.

His audience ranges from 13-30 year olds, the majority within the 15-25 age range

On April 20th, Mark Kaye will make Snapchat history! You can be a part of it. 

Go to www.24hoursnapchatproject.com now for more info Thanks for your time and supporting creators!

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