Social Video Analytics

Delmondo is your single source for social video insights.

The smartest video creators, media companies, and brands know they need to understand and build their audience to grow – Delmondo measures user authenticated viewership and attention insights from every piece of the video ecosystem, helping your organization make smarter decisions.

Cross-Channel Social Video Analytics

Centralize your social data from all your owned and operated channels, partners, advertisers, or creators in one platform.

Easily measure the growth of daily, weekly, or monthly viewership and engagement with cross-channel analytics, with detailed insights about each social channel and post-level insights including watch time, video views, engagements, and impressions (paid and organic)

Filter by channel, content type, post text, and more for an unlimited number of owned and operated social accounts.

Includes all social posts and video on all platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Export data to PDF, CSV and Excel for deeper analysis

Campaign Reports

Save time by automating reports for campaigns, events, content series, influencer or branded content activations and more.

Competitive Benchmarks

Analyze industry and competitor video channels, benchmark video engagement and audience growth against your owned and operated accounts.

Audience Insights

Uncover who is watching your videos, where they’re located, how long they’re watching across any set of videos based on keywords, hashtags and other metadata with our innovative tagging and audience insights product.

Delmondo VISI: Video Intelligence and Social Insights.

The industry’s most comprehensive social video analytics software. Here are just a few of the top features our customers use to optimize their video business daily.

Social Video Analytics

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Surface Top Performing Videos

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Easy to Export Data

Export your analytics or campaign data to a PDF, CSV or Excel file with the click of a button.

Facebook Video and Live Analytics

The best insights for live and non-live videos, including real-time live viewership data, live vs. replay stats and segment analysis in-stream.

Automated Reporting Templates

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Completion Rates By Series, or Topic

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Custom ROI Metrics

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Compare Video Performance over Time

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Delmondo is an official Facebook Media Solutions Partner, including Facebook Live and Non-Live Video Analytics, Branded Content and Monetization Tools.

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