Social Video Analytics

Your single source for social video and content insights.

The smartest video creators, media companies, and brands know they need to understand and build their audience to grow. Delmondo streamlines reporting for all your social media posts and videos across all platforms, helping your organization make smarter decisions.

Cross-Channel Social Video and Post Analytics

  • Centralize your social data from all your owned and operated channels, partners, advertisers, or creators in one platform.
  • Easily measure growth of viewership and engagement with detailed post-level insights like watch time, video views, engagements, impressions and more.
  • Filter by channel, content type, post text, and more on all platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Automate Campaign Reports

  • Save time by automating reports for campaigns, video series, branded content partnerships, influencer activations and more.
  • Track reach, engagement, watch time, and other audience insights and demographics to bring all your campaign insights in one place.
  • Track the value of your campaign with our ROI calculator.
  • Share PDF or Excel reports with clients, or let them log in to view results directly.

Content Tagging and Audience Insights

  • Delmondo makes every social post, photo or digital video searchable instantly with automated tagging rules.
  • Uncover who is watching your videos, where they’re located, how long they’re watching across any set of videos based on keywords, hashtags and other metadata with our innovative tagging and audience insights product.

Competitive Benchmarks

  • Analyze industry and competitor video channels, benchmark video or content engagement and audience growth against your owned and operated accounts.

Delmondo is an official Facebook Media Solutions Partner, including Facebook Live and Non-Live Video Analytics, Branded Content and Monetization Tools.

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