Influencer activations and in-house creative services

Social Video Production

Our Process


The Delmondo STAR algorithm uses audience and content insights for the brand, combined with proprietary social listening formulas to identify top influencers and creative opportunities.


We manage, store and send project briefs, disclosure terms, and set rates with creators on our side so you’re only dealing with one set of contracts and documents in one place.


We work with creators and our in-house creative team using data to provide better creative briefs, storyboards and concepts for campaigns. Clients review and approve concepts for production.


Our full-service production company takes Snapchat branded content from idea to delivery.
Production partner specialties: screenwriting, directing, cinematography, editing and VFX.


The Delmondo platform tracks performance of campaigns measuring key metrics like views, impressions, engagements, ROI metrics and brand lift.


Mine rich audience data about creators, brands and fans to gather insights and strategies for optimizing creative with paid media.

Video Examples

US Open Snapchat Takeover
Anti-Bullying Snapchat Campaign – Ad Council

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