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The Only Marketing Post about the Walking Dead Season Finale Spoiler Fail on Facebook You Need to Read

Sorry if this post spoils your viewing experience but I have to talk about it for it to make sense.

The Walking Dead Finale aired on AMC Sunday night. They screwed up big time and posted a HUGE spoiler before the West Coast episode even aired.

the walking dead spoiler facebook

You’re going to read a ton of longer posts about this I’m sure, so I’ll be brief.

This sucks…majorly. It sucks for viewers, it sucks for advertisers, it sucks for AMC, it sucks for their social media team.

Let’s just go ahead and let out a big sigh now because that’s how we all feel.

It sucks so much that I’m not even mad about it, I just really feel bad for them.

The Walking Dead has really become one of the shining examples for TV shows engaging audiences online, they know what they’re doing, work their butts off and they’ve been doing it for years now.

So that being said…I don’t want to be *that guy* but in short, yes this is avoidable. The post was sent at 10:01 EST. This leads me to believe that they just wanted to share a post for the East Coast viewers, and either forgot about the other timezones or had a scheduling error.

Most good SMMS tools let you schedule and publish in regional time zones. So if AMC want to send a tweet at 10pm, using a tool like Expion or Sprinklr (connected to Facebook Post API) would let their social media managers schedule that photo ahead of time and it would post when it’s really 10pm in NYC, at 10pm in Chicago, and at 10pm in LA.

Here’s what it looks like inside of Expion’s tool.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.30.05 PM

So did they just screw up? Probably.

Did they piss off a lot of viewers? Sure did.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 11.41.22 PM

walking dead facebook spoiler

Did they have a plan? I’d bet they did, plus a backup.

Why did they just leave the post up? I wish I knew.

Why didn’t they wait longer to post? I’m not sure, I personally don’t think that post added much value especially in the moment.

Should they get fired? Ehh, maybe but I don’t think so.

Accidents happen. Let’s just hope they get it right next time.

It’s so easy to step back and say: “such and such needs a new social team, they should have known better, someone’s getting fired.”

That’s probably the attitude of most social people you’ll read online this week.

But as my good friend Matt Knell so eloquently put it:

No one is going to do this job anymore if everyone’s always worried about getting fired by people who have no idea.






Update: The Walking Dead Social Media Team apologized to fans today for their slip-up

the walking dead apology


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