October 22, 2015 Nick Cicero

“I Am A Witness” Fights Bullying On Snapchat

We’ve all got a responsibility to stand up to bullying. You’ve seen it a lot. Someone makes a rude comment about someone’s selfie or leaves a mean comment on a video. It’s hurtful and it’s got to stop.

More than 1 in 4 children a year (13 million) experience some form of bullying and more than 80% of high school students in the U.S. report that they witness bullying at least once a week.

That’s why I’m so excited to be working with the Ad Council’s new ‘I Am A Witness’ anti-bullying campaign.

Starting today, if you update your iPhone, you can find one emoji on your regular emoji keyboard. It’s black and white and shows an eye in a speech bubble.

On Snapchat, login and you’ll notice two new “I Am A Witness” Geofilters you can use to raise awareness with your own friends.

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite Snapchat Influencers to help tell their own stories today, be sure to add them and check out why they’re supporting this cause in their own words:

  • Cyrene Quiamco (cyreneq)
  • Evan Garber (emgarber)
  • Mark Kaye (markkaye)
  • Taylor Nikolai (taylor.nikolai)
  • Danny Berk (dannyberk)
  • Stanley Odestin (Wysamx)
  • Branden Harvey (brandenharvey)
  • Kyle Coghlan (ProducerKCM)
  • HunRHarrison
  • Christine Mi (miologie)
  • OperAmericano


You can also go to their website at www.IWitnessBullying.org where you can take a quiz and learn different ways to take action to help stop bullying and learn more about the eye emoji as well as watching videos from well-known YouTubers like The Fine Bros, Grace Helbig, Taylor Davis, and Glozell Green.

Personally, I believe we have a responsibility to stand up to bullying on the web just as much as we do in real life. If we can help even one kid with this campaign, then that’s a success. That’s one less person free from bullying. Free to be confident, free to be happy, and everyone deserves that.

That’s why I’m committed to #IAmaWitness, and that’s why it aligns so strongly with the core values of what Delmondo stands for. Delmondo means “the world” in Italian, and that’s just what we’re about. A better, safer Internet—a better, safer world—and we try to do that by helping make content that makes people all around the world happy.

This is a very important cause to all of us at Delmondo. I am a witness. Are you?


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