August 24, 2019 Mike Metzler

How Euro Truck Simulator 2 Became So Popular

How Euro Truck Simulator 2 Became So Popular


Euro Truck Simulator 2 is one of the most popular games you can find on Steam today. As we speak, more than thirty thousand gamers are enjoying this game and everything it has to offer. It`s popularity surpassed some pretty big games such as Football Manager or The Witcher 3. If you have not played this game before, it is recommended you try it to see all the great things it offers.

History and Gameplay

ETS 2 was released back in 2012 by the Czech company SCS Software. Ever since its appearance on the market it quickly became very attractive game to play thanks to its simplicity, smooth gaming experience and challenging tasks. The game is really good to play as it does not require any special skills. The physics of the game are very satisfying, the gaming map is large and peaceful, and the game is a great stress-reliever.

Czech developers were not certain in the beginning that the game will become so popular. Even they got surprised by the fact it did. They took a big risk when creating this game which eventually paid off. SCS Software team have experimented with creating other truck simulations before working on Euro Truck Simulator 2, which proved to be a good thing as it gave them the necessary experience to perfect all details within the game. What sets ETS 2 apart from other simulations is that it is not just for hard-core fans of driving games but it is equally loved by everybody.

ETS 2 is not just a simulation but much more than that. It is fun and simple game full of nice details. It guarantees many hours of fun so you will not even notice where the time has gone when you sit to play. No matter whether you want to go on a casual road trip to explore the world or build a trucking empire – ETS 2 completely delivers.

Big Reach of ETS 2

Game developers could not have imagined the reach this game will have. Initially they thought it would be only for truck lovers, but the game quickly took over the gaming world by a storm. The player base is huge today and the game is played by all kinds of gamers, not just by truck driving lovers and enthusiasts.

Another thing that contributed towards the big popularity of Euro Truck Simulator 2 are the mods for the game. The ets 2 mods are amazing and you have plenty of them to explore. Thanks to these mods the game never gets boring and will keep your attention all the time. Game modding takes the user experience to a whole another level and makes this game even more popular.

Other Reasons For ETS 2 Huge Popularity

Vast trucking map and DLC expansions are couple of additional reasons that significantly contributed towards popularity of the game. Maps are constantly growing and new places are regularly added. The gaming world is becoming more elaborate with each expansion, which is one of the reasons why so many people love this game. SCS Software developers are pretty serious about the game and have significantly increased their team since the modest start in 2012. You can expect many great things coming for this game in near future.

Attracting New Truckers

Amazingly, this game has made many people interested in becoming real truck drivers. Even members of truck industry admit that this game makes their profession look cool and attractive. What is even more pleasantly surprising is that many real truck drivers use the game to relax after work and for perfecting their overall trucking skills. So if you are interested in becoming a better driver you should follow their path and play the game.

SCS Software constantly works on further improving the game. New features, options, assets, game physics, new engines and scenery are being added at regular intervals. Fans also contribute towards bigger popularity of the game by suggesting and creating new mods, varied weather and multiplayer options. There are some great mods which you can use to play and compete versus other gamers online.

Latest Expansion Pack and More to Come

Back at the end of November 2018 SCS Software released the latest DLC pack conveniently named ‘Beyond the Baltic Sea’. It quickly became very popular as there were more than 13,000 kilometres added into the game from the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, parts of Finland and Russia. This stunning downloadable content proved to be a major success, attracting even more new players. Developers announced new DLC pack for the final months of 2019 so the popularity of ETS 2 is expected to continue to grow. All of these things and many more led ETS2 to become one of the best games you can find on the market.

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