March 6, 2015 Delmondo

#DelmondoDelights Mix – Week 2

What’s up guys? This is Professor Fox and I’m taking over Delmondo’s weekly mixtape series, you’ll find some of the hottest beats right here for your listening pleasure.

This week’s mix features songs that help me through Mondays. It flows from floating vocal driven records like Made in Heights and increasingly gains intensity before it brings you back down with a beautiful closer from Adi Ulmansky and Taquwami.

0:00 Murakami by Made In Heights
4:08 T Eyes by Taquwami
8:48 G by Sabzi
11;29 Despicable Youth by Echo Talk
16:22 November Skies (Carnage Remix) by Tomas Barford
20:14 Bam Spacey by Dessa Bra
24:20 Reflections by Lucki Eck$
27:18 On a Bitch by Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso
30:39 Till We Die (Andy Cap Remix) by Nina Kinert & Tomas Barfod
34:27 Was It You? by Adi Ulmansky
38:18 Kamakura by Taquwami​


Delmondo Delights Vol. 2 by Professor Fox by Professorfox on Mixcloud


If you missed the first edition, check it out here.

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