March 16, 2015 Delmondo

#DelmondoDelights Mix – Week 4

This mix highlights my favorite producers. The artists are incredible in their own right, but behind every great record, is a great producer. I wanted to showcase the unsung heroes that work tirelessly at their craft. Like athletes in the gym, these producers dedicate themselves to long days and endless nights in the studio; pushing themselves and their sound beyond imagination. This mix is a tip of the brim to my favorite producers.


1 Sunday by Professor Fox & Ishmael Raps, Cae Jones, Frank Leone, Monster Mike
2 Stay high by Tove Lo & Hippie Sabotage
3 Paradise Lost by Frank Leone
4 Actin Crazy by Action Bronson (Produced by 40 & Omen)
5 Reach by Martin $ky & Saba
6 All Day by Kanye West
7 Nora by Walkingshoe ft. yU
8 Tree of Life Reprise by Thelonious Martin & Professor Fox
9 I told you so by Leather Corduroys
10 Rain by Mick Jenkins (Produced by Kaytranda)

Bonus: Kendrick Lamar – To Pimp a Butterfly

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