December 4, 2017 Delmondo

Delmondo and Uru Announce Partnership Bringing AI-powered Brand Safety, Brand Recognition Tools to Social and Digital Video Analytics, Branded Content and Sponsorships

Delmondo, a leading social video analytics and sponsorship reporting software and Uru, an AI and computer vision company that generates brand insights for digital video, today announced that Delmondo will integrate Uru’s Brand Recognition and Brand Safety Artificial Intelligence technologies into its platform. The partnership will bring first-to market capabilities to monitor brand safety and prove the value of sponsorships and branded integrations present in social video, OTT and all other digital video formats.

Delmondo’s platform provides branded content sellers and marketers with advanced real-time social and live video analytics, and monetization metrics to value content.

With the integration of Uru’s Artificial Intelligence software, Delmondo customers will now have the capability to instantly identify:

  • What brand logos and names are shown inside a digital video or piece of social media
  • The size and quality of that exposure
  • Audiences exposed to branded content
  • Estimated media value for that placement
  • Objects or Videos present within the video

In addition, Delmondo will be able to inform users about the relative brand safety of those videos thanks to Uru’s first-to-market Brand Safety solution, which holistically scans a video in search of brand safety red flags such as profanities, negative sentiment, weapons and more.

Read about the announcement in MarTech Today.

“Our customers are already using Delmondo to provide greater transparency, accuracy and validation of their branded content and sponsorship activations with sports teams, influencers and media companies, but have been seeking a better solution to understand brand safety in social video. Uru’s Brand Safety solution is the first and only video brand safety solution that looks at all of a video’s data (audio and images) to compile a brand safety score, and we’re excited to be the first social video platform to integrate this into our offerings to improve our customer’s valuation of content and evaluation of branded content and sponsorship partners,” said Nick Cicero, Delmondo CEO and Founder.

This partnership comes at a time when brand safety of video advertising and ROI on content sponsorship are top of mind for every brand and media company shifting dollars from linear TV to digital, and when artificial intelligence represents one of the only ways to assess each at scale and in near real-time.

“Go to any media or marketing conference today and I promise you’ll hear about sponsored content and how to measure it,” added Bill Marino, Uru CEO and co-founder. “And I promise, especially in the wake of what is still happening across large platforms, that you’ll also hear about brand safety of video. With our collaboration with Delmondo, we’re using bleeding edge, purpose-specific AI to tackle two of the biggest topics on the minds of media creators and CMOs today.”

About Delmondo Mercato: The sponsorship software helps brands, agencies, media and entertainment companies, sports leagues and teams streamline their branded content and sponsorship process from research to reporting, maximizing revenue while increasing transparency around all content on social channels and first-party video players.

Advertisers and rights-holders alike can now automatically track detailed sponsorship metrics on social content, first-party video and OTT providers, including: brand appearances, mentions, brand safety score, total exposure time, average minute audience, engagements/second, and more with estimated media value, audiences reached and total digital audience delivery.

About Delmondo
Delmondo is the leading cross-platform social video analytics and sponsorship ROI software company, measuring all content on social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Instagram Stories, YouTube and YouTube Live, Twitter, Snapchat, Twitch, OTT and first-party video players.

Our media monetization platform helps brands, agencies, media and entertainment companies, sports leagues and teams streamline their sponsorship process – from research to reporting, maximizing revenue while providing greater transparency and value to partners.

Clients include NASCARViacomTED, The Miami Dolphins, the UFC, BBDO, AT&T, MKTG and more.

Delmondo is an official Facebook Media Solutions Partner, built the first analytics for Facebook Live, and was featured at F8 2017, Facebook’s annual developer conference.

The company was founded in 2014 by Nick Cicero and is headquartered in New York City. The profitable company received funding from BRaVe Ventures (Jesse Redniss, David Beck and Gary Vaynerchuk) and is advised by Eric Franchi (formerly of Undertone) and Scott Heydt (former CFO of Vaynermedia, LBi and more).

Contact: Nick Cicero, CEO, nick(at)delmondo(dot)com or press(at)delmondo(dot)com

About Uru
Uru uses computer vision and other AI to help brands leverage video and other visual mediums in safer and more impactful ways.

Uru’s Brand Recognition solution captures more brand appearances inside videos than any other technology on the market. Meanwhile, its Brand Safety technology is the first solution on the market that actually looks inside a video, at both its audio and images, to automatically determine and score its level of brand safety.

Uru founder Brunno Attorre was recently honored as Forbes 30 Under 30 in Marketing and Advertising.

Founded in 2016, Uru is backed by Cornell University, Notation Capital, Betaworks, and Eric Franchi (formerly of Undertone), and advised by Cornell University Computer Vision professor Serge Belongie.

Contact: Bill Marino, CEO, bill(at)uruvideo(dot)com

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