August 8, 2015 Delmondo

Delmondo Takes Over Tiger Beat

Tiger Beat is back with a team of new investors including Mark Patricof, basketball player Kevin Durant, rapper Nas, his manager Anthony Saleh, comedian Nick Cannon, film producer and chairman of the New York Giants Steve Tisch, music manager Troy Carter, the Daily Mail, the talent agency Paradigm and MDC Partners.

As Fashionista reported: “We have a good sampling of interesting, cool people who are intimately connected on a day to day basis with trend-setting in this country,” said Patricof. “The idea was to get in and leverage the people that we brought to the table to build this into a big, diversified brand for teen girls — which doesn’t exist right now.”

Tiger Beat hired Delmondo to create a series of takeovers to relaunch their Snapchat account in conjunction with their new issue launch.

Check out some of the videos from CyreenQ below

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