Delmondo and Space Oddity Films to Partner on Original Scripted Content

It’s no secret that we’re going through an intense period of fragmentation in the space where TV used to be, paving way for the rise of mobile video. As a result, creating both platform-native and platform-agnostic content is becoming more important than ever before. But with this proliferation of content, one thing remains true of all audiences – nothing beats a great story.

Today, we’re excited to announce our production partnership with Space Oddity Films, the film production company that specializes in content that explores technology and culture, which will help Delmondo expand our offerings to include top writing and production talent for the Snapchat 3V and 3Vi ads we are making for Delmondo clients currently.

It’s easy to see why this makes a lot of sense. Delmondo has spent the past year and a half building a creative agency and technology company working with top online creators who have all built amazing audiences organically.

By bringing in a team with deep experience in writing and developing original content, our clients can tap into a complete outfit of creatives, influencers and deep audience analytics with Delmondo’s software platform to reach their customers with the right stories in the places where they watch the most video, no matter if that’s on Facebook or inside of Snapchat Discover.

We’re excited to have Alex J. Mann, K. Adam Bloom and the entire Space Oddity Films team working with us, they’ve been producing some amazing videos recently.

Their most recent short horror film, 3 Seconds, tells a chilling story of a teenage girl who wakes up to a Snapchat of her sleeping and tries to figure out who sent it. The film stars comedian and YouTube star Allison Raskin of Just Between Us, and has already been picked up by Fast Company, The Daily Dot, Aplus, and shared by stars like Ashton Kutcher and Lil Wayne (of all people).

Check out 3 Seconds below:

“Space Oddity Films is excited to produce original content for mobile video platforms with Delmondo, the company we see leading the way in combining data and creators with the best writing and production,” said co-founder Alex J. Mann.

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