Streamline your influencer and branded content partnerships


Research and Evaluate Partners

Analyze potential influencers, publishers, sports teams, competitors and any other branded content partner with our leaderboards

Detailed Sponsorship Metrics

Includes: Brand mentions, brand safety score, exposure time, audiences reached and more.

ROI Calculator

Track your campaign all-in spend on branded content, influencer and other campaigns for greater transparency into the true ROI of social sponsorship, break down spend by CPM, CPV, CPE.

Optimize Campaigns

Surface top performing content and partners in real-time, see which posts are driving the most viewership or engagements, top audiences engaging with campaign content, enabling greater optimization of creative and media spent.

Branded Content Marketplace

Discover new “ready-to-buy” opportunities for sponsorship, or list your opportunities for advertisers with our branded content marketplace

Advanced Logo Recognition

Uses logo recognition technology, combined with AI and Machine Learning to detect brands and other tags in your videos

Robust Social Insights

Automatically track detailed cross-platform social video and post engagement on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitch, Youtube and any OTT provider in robust campaign reports. Bring all your partners in one place.

Simple Exports

Quickly export data from any campaign or channel to PDFs or Excel files with post-level insights.

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