January 15, 2016 Delmondo

Big brands are taking interest, but is Snapchat ready for its closeup?

There was a time when advertisers were afraid of Snapchat. But in early 2016, the once-naughty app is snapping up mainstream advertisers looking to get on one of the hottest digital platforms.

Case in point: In November, Procter & Gamble’s CoverGirl used Snapchat for a geo-targeting campaign with retailer Alta. Consumers who visited most of the retailer’s 868 locations could put a branded filter over their post that included a callout to CoverGirl. Coca-Cola has also run advertising on Snapchat in recent months, joining pioneers on the platform like Taco Bell, which joined Snapchat in early 2013. Another P&G brand, Playtex, ran its first Snapchat campaign in the fourth quarter.

“We have multiple advertisers that are interested in Snapchat,” says Max Kalehoff, CMO of SocialCode, a digital advertising firm that works with Heineken, Macy’s and Visa, among others. Kalehoff says that advertisers (he declined to say which) see Snapchat as integral for “driving brand objectives.”

Others echo that sentiment. “We’ve been doing this for a year now and mainstream brands are really starting to get involved,” said Nick Cicero, founder and CEO of Delmondo, an agency that links brands with Snapchat influencers. “It’s really just becoming more commonplace.”

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