April 19, 2017 Delmondo

Announcing new Delmondo Pricing Tiers, and VISI Free at F8


We’re excited today to launch a new set of pricing tiers for Delmondo’s Social Video Analytics suite, VISI.

Since our launch, we have been hyper-focused on providing only enterprise-level analytics to the world’s largest brands and media publishers.

Starting today, we’re opening up social video and live analytics for any brand or publisher with easy to understand pricing models starting as low as $500/month for unlimited users and exports for one authenticated Facebook Page, bringing access to real-time Facebook Video, Facebook Live and Instagram Video analytics to the entire industry.

We’re also opening up a free tier for celebrities, creators, influencers and public figures called VISI Free, where we will directly be helping to bridge the gap between Facebook and creators who want to monetize with sponsored video and sponsored live (see below).

Enterprise clients will be receiving access to cross-platform video analytics on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and more, plus a slew of new features we are launching each week for the next six weeks…including competitive video leaderboards and benchmarking, custom reports, audience segmentation data for video, and enterprise-wide video tagging. Stay tuned 🙂

We are the only source for authenticated data across all social video platforms…our competitors, primarily Tubular Labs and Nielsen, rely on scraping public view counts, or use a small sample viewer size as a proxy. Delmondo receives 100% user-authenticated views on Facebook (and social) video. This is the future. The future is authenticated data.

If you’re at Facebook’s F8 conference today, the official Facebook Media Solutions team is demoing our analytics in the demo lounge.

Stop by and see us, or sign up for your free 2-week trial now: sign up for a demo.

Delmondo VISI, now free for celebrities, influencers and creators

We’re excited today to launch a free version of Delmondo’s Social Video Analytics suite, VISI to any celebrity, influencer, creator, musician, or public figure.With the the opening up of Facebook’s branded content program, we’ve worked with Facebook to develop a complete software solution that helps Official Facebook Branded Content Partners measure and monetize their videos and Facebook Live broadcasts.

Claim your free account now and receive Facebook Video, Facebook Live, and Instagram Analytics for one authenticated page.

Not only will you get access to our analytics platform for free, we’ll also help you develop a rate card measuring the value of your Facebook video and live content with our free monetization report.

You’ll also join our exclusive branded content partner list and we’ll introduce you to other Facebook advertisers who are looking to pay for branded content from official Facebook Branded content partners.

Creators, celebs and influencers…sign up for your free account here.

If you work at a talent agency or manage a large number of celebrities, influencers or public figures, email me directly (nick@delmondo.com) for options to claim your talent accounts instantly.


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