August 3, 2015 Delmondo

5 YouTube Monetization Tips to Make Money on YouTube

A successfully monetized YouTube channel does not happen by accident. To the contrary, profitable YouTube channels operate according to a business model that has provided clear pathways for viewers to financially support the channel. Adsense is probably the most common among these business models and is certainly the most difficult to build. Creators may spend countless hours with video projects but if the appeal is too niche (Think: personal vlog channel or business channel), you’ll never get the view counts or subscribers you need to make adsense work for you.

But there are OH SO MANY other ways to profit on YouTube!

As a producer for thought-leader channels and a consultant for over 22 business channels, my focus on YouTube is to create profit. We therefore do not spend an immense amount of time creating celebrity or “stardom” for our clients as the YouTube space is overloaded with famous people who don’t make any money.  No, we want to make money. As such, I’ve identified 5 core profit strategies that any YouTuber can build into a video content strategy. While the video does not cover every monetization tactic, we certainly cover our most effective strategies:

With the principle in place that every video should be, can be, and must be monetized you can easily begin each video project with the question- where is my profit center for this specific video? You should not have to aggressively re-structure your content to provide for these monetization tactics but instead you should focus on naturally integrating these tactics in a way that reinforces your brand message and provides a pathway for your viewers to make a purchase.

Owen Hemsath is a Youtube Marketing Consultant with an international client base. He blogs weekly at and has an active YouTube channel that focuses on YouTube marketing for businesses, brands, creators and thought-leaders.


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