Turning SnapChat Analytics Into Triumph: An Interview With Nick Cicero Of Delmondo

In a world where audience favor constantly changes, Nick Cicero makes sure that his company keeps pace. Cicero, CEO of Delmondo, a multi-platform creator network and technology company, saw that marketers were struggling to find meaningful data inside of newer platforms like SnapChat. “Without formal analytics,” Cicero says, “a complicated platform like SnapChat can be hard for marketers to dive right into.” This is made especially true as native brand analytics do not yet exist.

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 06: In this photo illustration the Snapchat app is used on an iPhone on October 6, 2014 in London, England. Snapchat allows users’ messages to vanish after seconds. It is being reported that Yahoo may invest millions of dollars in the start up firm. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

LONDON, ENGLAND – OCTOBER 06: In this photo illustration the Snapchat app is used on an iPhone on October 6, 2014 in London, England. Snapchat allows users’ messages to vanish after seconds. It is being reported that Yahoo may invest millions of dollars in the start up firm. (Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Which is why Cicero built the Delmondo Product Suite, turning the 6 billion daily views that SnapChat boasts into key metrics that measure how many people are viewing a user’s stories, completion rates and more. In rolling out the Creator Studio Product Suite, Delmondo has married creator content with technology in other brilliant ways. An integration with Levelwaretechnology allows brands to send projects, negotiate contracts and sign legal agreements with creators, streamlining brand and creator collaboration and adding transparency unseen in influencer marketing before.

I sat down with Cicero to talk to him about the future of social media marketing, and how his company became the powerhouse that it is today.

What is the basis of what Delmondo does in the social media marketing space? 

We provide a platform for brands and media companies to find and contract the most relevant influencers to produce content together, and analytics tools to measure the results of that co-created content. We have worked with brands like Jolly RancherPriceline.com20th Century FoxThe Ad CouncilCinnabon, and JBL Audio.

How did you get started with the company? 

I started the company about a year ago. I had just left a job as Director of Client Strategy at Expion (a social software company that was recently acquired by Sysomos) where I worked with media companies like UnivisioniHeartRadio and SyFy on their social analytics strategies using our software. Before that I was working on Livefyre; I was their first strategist and helped build the use cases around their curation technology. Actually, the decision to build Delmondo’s product suite is really inspired by the great experience working on that small team when I was at Livefyre.

Source: http://www.forbes.com/sites/mnewlands/2015/12/17/turning-snapchat-analytics-into-triumph-an-interview-with-nick-cicero-of-delmondo/#3dfde7816417

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Watch This Star Wars Trailer Created Entirely From Snapchat Art

As Star Wars mania hits a fever pitch now that the movie is out, a group of Snapchat stars led by YodaDidntDie decided to make something really unique on their own. They took the movie’s trailer and recreated it entirely from Snaps.

You have to appreciate the level of detail these artists get into, and then editing them all into one clip is impressive alone!

Watch below:

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“I Am A Witness” Fights Bullying On Snapchat

We’ve all got a responsibility to stand up to bullying. You’ve seen it a lot. Someone makes a rude comment about someone’s selfie or leaves a mean comment on a video. It’s hurtful and it’s got to stop.

More than 1 in 4 children a year (13 million) experience some form of bullying and more than 80% of high school students in the U.S. report that they witness bullying at least once a week.

That’s why I’m so excited to be working with the Ad Council’s new ‘I Am A Witness’ anti-bullying campaign. Read more

Snapchat is a Burrito

I was asked to give a five minute presentation at a Producer’s Guild of America event recently on Snapchat and their influence in the area of mobile video. 

Five minutes isn’t much time to talk about the future of mobile video, one of the hottest topics in advertising. It’s estimated that spending will reach $6 billion in the US by 2018, representing about half of the total online video ad spend.

But when I sat down to think more about it, over lunch at Chipotle in fact, the answer was right in the palm of my hand.

Snapchat (and mobile video) is like a burrito, you can take it wherever you want, put anything in it, it’s easily consumed and it disappears when you’re done. Click to tweet this. Read more

How to Become Famous on Snapchat: Snapchatters vs. Snapcasters


How did I become “Snapchat famous?”

I get that question at least once a day. I used to just send back a quick and witty (subject to debate) response like, “Practice!” or “I post nudes” (Neither of those is true by the way).

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is a science to becoming “famous” on Snapchat. There are formulas you can create and steps you can follow to build your fame and notoriety on any medium. In the next few weeks, I’ll post a bunch of different ideas on how you can use your own story to build a massive fan base for yourself and your business.

Okay, let’s begin with lesson 1… Read more

The Five Events Sparking The Creators Revolution

A revolution is a radical shift or change in ideas that take place in a short period of time. It’s a fairly simple concept, but easily overused and misunderstood. What’s really in a revolution? How do they take shape and become widely accepted? Before I go any further, yes the word revolution is so cliche (it might be one of the most overused words in society since probably…the American revolution). Still, I’m going to talk about the five events sparking the revolution building the #CreatedWith economy as we know it. Read more

Five Things I’ve Learned from Snapchatting for Brands

This is a guest post from Mike Platco, professional Snapchat Artist, Consultant, and Strategist.

For the past year I’ve been a Snapchat Consultant for brands. Much like how not every brand has a Snapchat account, not everyone I try to explain my career to knows what Snapchat is. The long and short of it is that I partner with brands to launch, takeover, and generate content for their accounts as a strategist, influencer, and artist.

In dedicating my career to this uniquely ephemeral app I’ve learned a few best practices that, in my opinion, are worth sharing.  Read more

How Brands Can Reach Mass Audiences on Snapchat

Snapchat has discontinued their “Brand Stories” ad product, according to numerous sources yesterday. The first advertising product that the young platform released was just six months old, and pushed curated stories into users’ feeds as seen in the Ouija example below. 

As reported in Re/code:

A spokesperson confirmed that Brand Stories aren’t currently available and hinted in a statement they may come back in a different form: “We’re always fine tuning to ensure we deliver the best possible experience for our community.”



So with that we wait…again. But should marketers have to wait to fund awesome content that brings value to an audience? We say no.

How can brands advertise on Snapchat? There are a few ways: Read more

Behind the Scenes of My White House Snapchat Story

The White House invited 20 Instagram users to visit in celebration of Instagram’s 11th World Wide Instameet this year, it’s the second or third time they’ve done this. Thousands of people applied for the opportunity, so I had no expectation of being chosen. In my application, I shared about how I travel the world telling stories about some of the most interesting people and places I come across. Having just returned from Israel, Zimbabwe and Dubai, it’s only fitting that my next stop would be the White House.

I was blown away when I received an email from an official White House email address a week later, inviting me to fly across the country to visit the historic building. I quickly sent all my information to the Secret Service. Apparently they did a full background check on me and I passed, goofy hair and all. Read more

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