5 YouTube Monetization Tips to Make Money on YouTube

A successfully monetized YouTube channel does not happen by accident. To the contrary, profitable YouTube channels operate according to a business model that has provided clear pathways for viewers to financially support the channel. Adsense is probably the most common among these business models and is certainly the most difficult to build. Creators may spend countless hours with video projects but if the appeal is too niche (Think: personal vlog channel or business channel), you’ll never get the view counts or subscribers you need to make adsense work for you.

But there are OH SO MANY other ways to profit on YouTube! Read more

How to Become Famous on Snapchat: Snapchatters vs. Snapcasters


How did I become “Snapchat famous?”

I get that question at least once a day. I used to just send back a quick and witty (subject to debate) response like, “Practice!” or “I post nudes” (Neither of those is true by the way).

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is a science to becoming “famous” on Snapchat. There are formulas you can create and steps you can follow to build your fame and notoriety on any medium. In the next few weeks, I’ll post a bunch of different ideas on how you can use your own story to build a massive fan base for yourself and your business.

Okay, let’s begin with lesson 1… Read more

Five Things I’ve Learned from Snapchatting for Brands

This is a guest post from Mike Platco, professional Snapchat Artist, Consultant, and Strategist.

For the past year I’ve been a Snapchat Consultant for brands. Much like how not every brand has a Snapchat account, not everyone I try to explain my career to knows what Snapchat is. The long and short of it is that I partner with brands to launch, takeover, and generate content for their accounts as a strategist, influencer, and artist.

In dedicating my career to this uniquely ephemeral app I’ve learned a few best practices that, in my opinion, are worth sharing.  Read more

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