Facebook Video Analytics

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Delmondo offers the deepest insights into Facebook Videos for brands and media companies to optimize their content.

Measure key metrics around views, watch time, engagements, and see the entire viewership funnel from awareness and 3-second views down to 30-second views and total completions.

Track the performance of your videos channel by channel or across an entire publisher, influencer or video network.

We are one of the only software platforms offering analytics for Facebook Live including live vs. replay viewers and average-minute-audience for your broadcasts.

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Uncover the personas of people consuming your Facebook videos by looking at viewership across age, gender, location and more to discover the top audiences.

Identify viewing habits by comparing views from Auto-Play vs. Click to Play and Sound on vs. Sound Off.

Use insights to create better content and build custom segments from top performing audiences to distribute new content to.

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Build custom video campaign reports across multiple groups of publisher, brand or influencer accounts 

Measure the performance of social video, branded content and influencer-driven campaigns

Realtime dashboard reports on cross-platform video views, reach and impressions, engagements, top performing content, channels and more

Audience insights into video consumption for branded content on Facebook

Set custom campaign ROI metrics including CPV and CPE

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Just as there are analytics platforms to analyze text, social listening tools for sentiment, and image optimization tools for Instagram, marketers need better video analytics tools to understand their audiences and optimize their video creative of any shape, size or length across all platforms.

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