• We are the first official Facebook Media Solutions partner for Live Video Analytics

  • Measure an unlimited number of owned live video channels simultaneously and watch your audience grow with real-time viewership and engagement graphs

  • Measure Average Minute Audience and Engagements per Minute for individual streams, or roll them up across series, channels and networks

  • See the data you’re missing – track consumption for live and replay viewers

  • Optimize your streams with audience insights like age, gender, location and viewing habits like sound on vs. sound off and more

  • Build automated live video reports based on keyword, hashtag, content tag and more – tracking cross-platform video views, reach and impressions, engagements, top performing streams and channels

  • Set custom campaign ROI metrics including CPV and CPM

  • Publishers can automatically break out branded content tagged streams into separate reports for advertisers

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“In the early days of broadcasting, there was a call for measurement of audience, both potential and actual. Today, sponsors, clients and others want accurate analysis and data for who is watching what and for how long when it comes to live streaming. Our alignment with DELMONDO gives us powerful tools to provide proprietary information that is unparalleled in this nascent industry.”

Al Roker

Founder of Roker Media, NBC Weatherman and Live Streaming Pioneer

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