Brian Fanzo Joins Delmondo as Strategic Advisor

Today we’re excited to announce another step in Delmondo’s path towards empowering media brands and creators by bringing on Brian Fanzo as a strategic advisor to the company.

Fanzo, or “iSocialFanz” as he’s commonly known on the internet, will be working with us on evangelizing and providing feedback on our live video analytics product while building deeper relationships with enterprise brands looking to go live. Read more

Delmondo produces 3V Ads for Mike’s Hard Lemonade

As part of its summer-long “Come Out Back” campaign, Mike’s Hard Lemonade is running a three-part episodic of vertical video ads in a Snapchat Live Story takeover effort on Memorial Day Weekend. The tale begins with two friends walking up to a barbecue and realizing their friends are stuck in a robotic loop. The lead characters, played by web creators Steph Barkley and Jason Nash, then set out to help them escape their GIF-like situation.

Delmondo and Space Oddity Films created and produced three spots, you can see an example below:

Diane Sayler, senior manager of brand experience at Mike’s Hard Lemonade, added, “The Snapchat platform gave us an opportunity to reach our consumers where they’re already sharing their backyard moments in a way that’s never been done before.”

Read more on Adweek

Delmondo is bringing DJ Khaled to the Shorty Awards

Delmondo, the leading Snapchat-focused creative agency and technology company, is excited to announce their sponsorship for the 2016 Shorty Awards.

During Monday’s awards ceremony, a custom interactive geofilter created by Delmondo will be inviting attendees to share their “Major Key” for 2016, made popular by DJ Khaled who will be appearing to celebrate being named a finalist for the Snapchatter of the Year award.

They don’t want Delmondo to bring DJ Khaled to the Shorty Awards…so we’re gonna bring DJ Khaled to the Shorty Awards! This year DJ Khaled has shown just how powerful and popular great content told with vertical video on Snapchat is. The Shorty Awards have done an amazing job promoting Snapchat and the creator community, plus, who doesn’t love a good geofilter? We’re proud to be able to bring one of the platform’s top stars to the event. #Blessup” said Nick Cicero, CEO and Founder of Delmondo.

We can’t share the design with you just yet…you’ll have to check out all the Snaps on Monday night to see!

For more info, check out DJ Khaled’s finalist page on the Shorty Awards website:

Will Snapchat’s On-Demand Geofilters Become The New “Digital Stickering”?

This is a guest post by Max Doblin and originally appeared on Medium.

Try walking down a street in NYC without seeing a pole or side door completely stickered up. Sticker bombing — also known as sticker slapping or sticker tagging — is an infamously cheap, illegal, and effective form of advertising commonly used by street artists, niche brands, and startups.

The power behind stickering is a brand’s ability to create offline, location-targeted ads. Stickering, when done well, can strategically attract a very specific audience. Read more

I Want My Snapchat TV

Viacom and Snapchat have entered into a multiyear agreement that allows the media company to sell advertising on Snapchat’s behalf, according to the Wall St. Journal. In a major media industry announcement, Viacom will have exclusive third-party rights to directly sell advertising surrounding Snapchat’s owned and operated content, Comedy Central will expand their Discover channel internationally, and MTV will finally get its own channel here in the US.  Read more

How to Become Famous on Snapchat: Snapchatters vs. Snapcasters


How did I become “Snapchat famous?”

I get that question at least once a day. I used to just send back a quick and witty (subject to debate) response like, “Practice!” or “I post nudes” (Neither of those is true by the way).

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized there is a science to becoming “famous” on Snapchat. There are formulas you can create and steps you can follow to build your fame and notoriety on any medium. In the next few weeks, I’ll post a bunch of different ideas on how you can use your own story to build a massive fan base for yourself and your business.

Okay, let’s begin with lesson 1… Read more

Watch This Star Wars Trailer Created Entirely From Snapchat Art

As Star Wars mania hits a fever pitch now that the movie is out, a group of Snapchat stars led by YodaDidntDie decided to make something really unique on their own. They took the movie’s trailer and recreated it entirely from Snaps.

You have to appreciate the level of detail these artists get into, and then editing them all into one clip is impressive alone!

Watch below:

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