How the UFC Makes Snapchat Stories Go Viral

Many Snapchatters can attribute their large Snapchat following to one viral moment or video that sends their story skyrocketing. Take Jennifer Levinson for example. She gained nearly 100,000 Snapchat followers after Buzzfeed did a video about how she Snapchats her boyfriend sleepwalking (it’s hilarious, you can watch it here).

These moments seem to happen all the time at UFC tentpole events, with their Snapchat content reaching millions of viewers each week across platforms. As the man behind the camera for our client the UFC’s Snapchat it’s my job to find these opportunities and fit them into the story I’m trying to tell.

I was lucky enough to head to Vegas during International Fight Week for UFC 200 to produce vertical video and lead takeovers. We covered a full week of activities including the UFC Fan Expo, three fights and along the way we created content for the official Snapchat Live story…literally living, breathing, eating Snapchat 24/7.

So what did I do when I saw Justin Timberlake and Tom Brady joking around before the Main Card at UFC 200?  I politely asked for a picture and they graciously obliged.

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8 Tips to Make the Most of VidCon If You Love Snapchat

Last year thousands of fans experienced VidCon for the first time through the eyes and phones of their favorite social celebrities. The application, which now boasts 10 billion daily video views, has become a staple of nearly every social star.  Compared to this time last year, Snapchat has grown by nearly 50% and has surpassed Twitter in daily average users.

With that said, it’s obvious that Snapchat will be EVERYWHERE at VidCon, so we decided to put together our list of ways to enhance your VidCon Snapchat experience whether you attend or not: Read more

7 Tips For Live Event Success on Snapchat

Let’s be real. If you’re running a brand account on Snapchat, creating good content is hard. There’s a lot at stake, as I’ve written about before. However, some Snapchat content is set up easier to create than others, one example being live event coverage.

Snapchat was made for live events. The ability for a person to gather behind the scenes footage in real time or share the atmosphere of an event to people who aren’t there gives their community a level of access that makes them feel rewarded.

I’ve been lucky enough to Snap several live events for brands and have found that there are a few tips and tricks that will help make your content so much better: Read more

The Importance of Quality Content on Snapchat

For a minute pretend it’s 1970. Richard Nixon is president, the Beatles have just broken up, Apollo 13 splashed down safely in the ocean and television is all the rage.  If you didn’t like what was on TV, or an advertisement came on that didn’t apply to you, there was a good chance you just sat through it instead of getting up, walking to the TV and changing the channel.

This is not the world we live in today. Today we have more choices of entertainment than ever before.

And when we have more choice, we have shorter attention spans because we know there’s always another option.

With that in mind, time is the most important asset we have.

Bad content and bad advertising steals that time. Read more

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